Friday, 3 July 2009

It ain't half hot, mum

A snatched night back at home, complete with bag of dirty washing in exchange for a bag of clean clothes! This week has been amazing and I'm still not sure how everyone, the plants, and I have survived the intense heat. I've been drinking three litres of water a day, working outside for 12 hours and then not sleeping much back at the hotel. No surprise I feel somewhat shattered, then! All nicely finished off with a two hour traffic jam on the M25 on the way home.

But wow, how everyone has worked hard! Marc and his team from Garden Care have been incredible and have done a fantastic job getting everything painted and finished. Janet, Nick and Siobhan have sweltered under a burning sun planting all the plants - thank you all! It's great to be in the position of having the garden practically finished, just need to set out all the items from John Lewis Kingston on Saturday then tidy up the plants for judging on Monday.

Sneak preview of the garden...

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