Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Vegetable disorder

Chelsea has been and gone, but not forgotten. A brief respite of about day at home ensued when I arrived back home from the show at the end of May before work was finished off for the forthcoming Girlguiding UK Centenary Garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, opens in July. Work has already started on this garden, we are in the second week of construction and the garden is coming along nicely (see the RHS blog link for regular updates on things).

My own garden at home is also coming along nicely and I feel rather sad to be leaving it for two weeks. Flowers are blooming, tight buds of roses are now beginning to open (everything seems to be about 10 days behind last year) and the vegetable garden is growing lots of sumptuous goodies for later in the summer and beyond. I picked my first broad beans yesterday, very good, and I hope those left behind in my absence will enjoy the fattening pods that remain. Maybe it is because of the cold winter, the late frosts, the slow start to the year but my onions are producing lots of flower heads. These look very pretty but the swelling bulbs will not be as good as those that are growing 'normally'.

I have a Salvia var. turkestanica growing in one of the veg beds, it arrived from nowhere last year and I haven't had the heart to remove it to the flower border yet, particularly as it does look rather stunning at the moment. Goes well with the flowering onions.

Maybe my vegetable beds are going to become my new flower borders?