Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Spring Greens

I went away for a long weekend and couldn't believe how much things had grown in the space of five days! Weeds especially, but also the tulip displays. Wow! The sun and warmth are great but makes installing new gardens and borders a bit of nightmare this early in the season. We overhauled a huge border a few weeks ago at a client's and re-planted it with mature trees and perennials: my landscaper looked gravely as he informed me that the soil was very dry a few spade depths below the surface. Client practically propagandised on regular watering of new plants, whatever their size.

Do you remember a couple of years ago when we had another dry April? I'm hoping the ground won't get to that state again, clay soils were like concrete before May. Creating new gardens then was jolly hard work! I'm sure those designers at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show are either worried or delighted at the warmth. Alliums and irises are always en force at the show - and my alliums are just about to burst into flower! I'm back at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show again this July with Sadolin's Nature To Nurture Garden, and I'm already just slightly wondering about my own plants. Crocus are supplying most of the plants again - must remember to talk to them about a Plan B. Plan C is to do last minute plant shopping, of course. I had to reduce my plant list down for the RHS as they sort of suggested I'd complicated it (or rather, they were politely telling me I'd put too many on the original list). So, maybe if this weather lasts for a while the rejects will get a look in if original choices go over.

It's my third year in a row at HCPFS, the previous two winning Silver Gilt each time. I've sort of told myself it's third time lucky for a Gold. No pressure then!