Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Slugs and Hobbs

It's slug warfare out there! Oooh, and snails. They all love this warm, wet weather and are in their element hiding under leaves, nooks and crannies. Then they eat anything in their path. Mostly the best plants in the garden. Client's are getting a bit fed up with it all: 'You know those lovely plants you put in earlier in the year, well, the leaves look a funny shape and the flowers have some petals missing.' Gosh, I think, hope you are not expecting a refund on this! Educate client's about slugs and snails suggesting beer traps rather than slug pellets (a bit more environmentally friendly). Keep fingers crossed they keep on top of things.

Yesterday I spent five hours at the Rose Lawn at Brocket Hall working in torrential rain. Even my waterproofs gave up and leaked and as for my boots, trench foot was setting in. Thank goodness I had the sense to put a dry pair of shoes in the car before I left home in the morning! We were cutting back perennials for a second flush of late summer flowers. Also removed rather a lot of snails from the undergrowth. Moments like this make me think I'd rather be in a posh frock from Hobbs rather than muddy, soaking wet clothes, and working in a lovely office somewhere looking very important.

Ah, but to dream....

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